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Red, White and Blue Roundup

Happy Fourth of July week, everyone! Like many of you, I’m in party mode this week. So while I’m busy cooking up some treats for my family’s Independence Day gatherings, I thought I’d round up some previous blog projects that celebrate the Red, White, and Blue. Click on the title of each project to visit… Keep Reading


5 Tricks to Stop Your Hair Breaking

GROWING YOUR HAIR ~ OR TIRED OF IT SNAPPING OR BREAKING… here are 5 insider tricks that can help stop the breakage factor! 1. Mix up your stylesDon’t do your ponytail in the same spot every time as there’s always a risk of breakage with repeat styling. To help, vary pony position, and use gentle… Keep Reading


Outfit Ideas with Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are the next big thing on the fashion scene. Divided on whether they’re worth investing in or a big no-no, there is on thing for certain: that most bloggers are loving their look. There a tricky thing to style so if you can pull it off, then go for it! However, if you’re still… Keep Reading


Holiday baking: Carrot cake cookies recipe

Time to start preparing for the Christmas holidays and I offer you a lovely cookie recipe! Although we’ll be mostly eating piparkoogid aka gingerbread cookies here in Estonia, these slightly chewy carrot cake cookies would do just as well. For over two years now I’ve been contributing recipes for one of the biggest home and… Keep Reading


Exploring the Fish Market in Jimbaran, Bali

Our little family of five spent three weeks exploring the beautiful Island of the Gods aka Bali earlier this year. We began our family vacation in Jimbaran, then stayed in the quaint artists’ village of Penestanan just outside Ubud, then explored Northern Bali from Dencarik on Lovina beach and ended our holiday with a short stay in… Keep Reading

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