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Bayside apartment, Australia

This apartment designed by architect Rob Mills is a great example of a clever use of organic materials, airy room design and simple, yet carefully chosen color palette. This mix creates a contemporary interior with great aesthetic and functionality. Natural stone and oak timber flooring together with the design furniture create a perfect combination that reflects the surrounding… Keep Reading


Grammy’s After Party Fashion

    The outfits that were worn at the Grammy after parties made up for the lack of beautiful clothes at the Grammy’s themselves. The rich and famous took these events to express themselves through expensive brand name clothing. Halsey (left) expressed her unique and attention grabbing personality with a mixed pattern outfit. The outfit had… Keep Reading


Loose Lovely Wavy Hair

LOOSE, UNDONE WAVES AEREN’T GOING ANYWHERE THIS AUTUMN /WINTER which is perfection, especially if you’re time-challenged in the morning!  For those of us whose hair falls on the frizzier, curlier, or the flatter end of the spectrum, you can fake natural waves, here’s the how-to-do’s: First apply a mousse throughout your wet hair, then divide… Keep Reading


Berry muffins, fit for the Queen

For some reason, our northern neighbours, the Finns, call dishes containing raspberries and blueberries (well, actually bilberries) kuningatar-this and kuningatar-that, the prefix kuningatar– meaning the queen. I’m yet to conduct research why this is so (any Finnish readers out there who know? Ritva, perhaps?), but here are some delicious summer muffins containing blueberries and raspberries… Keep Reading

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