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Berry muffins, fit for the Queen

For some reason, our northern neighbours, the Finns, call dishes containing raspberries and blueberries (well, actually bilberries) kuningatar-this and kuningatar-that, the prefix kuningatar– meaning the queen. I’m yet to conduct research why this is so (any Finnish readers out there who know? Ritva, perhaps?), but here are some delicious summer muffins containing blueberries and raspberries… Keep Reading


Happy Handmade Holiday Idea!

I love incorporating handmade decorations in my holiday decor—made by me or by loved ones. The sweet sequined ornaments above were stitched by my maternal grandmother in the ’70s. I still think sequins are magical! She used to work on felt projects all year round. This beautiful bird nest ornament was made by my paternal… Keep Reading

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