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Bodysuits are coming back from the 70s and are taking this season by storm. The Kardashians wear them with almost every outfit and women all over are following right along. Especially for the winter, bodysuits are so perfect because they tuck into your pants and stay in place so it keeps you warm. There are… Keep Reading


Outfits of the Month

  Hello readers! I hope you’re all having a great day! I’m here to post my second “Outfits of the Month” post with all of my favourite sets from the past few weeks. Hopefully you like them as much as I do! I love this look! It is great for dressing up or down! Paired… Keep Reading


6 Ways Stress Can Affect Your Life and How to Deal with It?

Stress is an ever-present part of life for millions of people today. Demanding jobs, responsibilities at home, financial pressures and precarious work-life balances are enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. Stress is part of the body’s natural fight or flight reaction to difficult situations. This reaction includes increased heart rate and breathing and the release… Keep Reading

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