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Cullen Skink, a Scottish smoked haddock soup (gluten-free)

Few days ago the Scots – and friends of Scotland – celebrated yet another anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, hosting or attending a Burns Supper. Any self-respecting Burns Supper begins with a proper Scottish soup. I’ve shared a recipe for Cock-a-leekie before, other options are Scotch broth and Cullen Skink.  Now it’s time to… Keep Reading


Layered Vegetable Salad with Smoked Salmon

(From the Nami-Nami recipe archives.) “Kasukas” – “fur coat” – is a name for a layered vegetable salad that is very popular here in Estonia, especially during the cold and dark season. The salad has chopped cured herring as the bottom layer, topped with layers of grated or chopped beets, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables… Keep Reading


Holiday baking: Carrot cake cookies recipe

Time to start preparing for the Christmas holidays and I offer you a lovely cookie recipe! Although we’ll be mostly eating piparkoogid aka gingerbread cookies here in Estonia, these slightly chewy carrot cake cookies would do just as well. For over two years now I’ve been contributing recipes for one of the biggest home and… Keep Reading

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