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29 Miles To Go And 600 Days Without A Drink 

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Start – Inverness, Scotland

Finish – Lybster, Scotland

29 miles to go.

The fatigue got to me again after 5 hard days in a row which is why I haven’t blogged since Inverness.

From Inverness I went to Evanton. From Evanton I stopped off at Dornoch and then onto Lybster last night. Yesterday was my biggest day so far at 43 miles.

Got thrown out of my first bar since I stopped drinking yesterday.  It was in a fucking horrible little place called Helmsdale. I walked into a pub for food and asked if I could sit somewhere to eat as the bar itself was fucking tiny and I was aware of how bad I was smelling.  I was taken into the breakfast room and given a menu and got ready to order when the owner burst in and asked ‘What’s wrong with the bar then? “. Before I had the chance to say something like “It’s shite mate and your ma’s a slag’ he threw me out.

I battled along the A9 for almost 10 hours yesterday it was hateful for large parts of it. So many timber trucks and white vans and little in the way of verges.

Some mad fucking hills too.


One driver stopped to shout ‘Get off the fucking road!’ at me. He was trying to overtake someone and came onto my part of the path. I told him that I’d get off the fucking road when I was dead and to fuck off. I was screaming like a mad cunt.

Made it to my B&B before 10pm and I’ve booked a late checkout. This is what’s left of the challenge.

If I finish tonight then I’ll be completing the challenge and celebrating 600 days without booze.

It will have taken me 38 days to run 1050 miles at an average of 27.5 miles a day or 30 miles a day if you discount my rest days. I’m fucking happy with that.


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