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Start – Dalwhinnie, Scotland

Finish – Aviemore, Scotland

Distance to go – 147 miles.

Today I ran 27 miles between Dalwhinnie and Aviemore. Most of the runs were on the cycle path but for the last one I decided to take a B Road instead as it was 4 miles shorter. I can’t be accruing junk miles this late in the challenge.

Tonight my post is gonna be a little different. Here I’m discussing an outline of my daily routine on the challenge.

5am – Dream about running. This morning I dreamt I left the B&B in Dalwhinnie and ran to Aviemore. It’s always fucking disappointing waking up in the same place. I think I should be able to take a taxi to wherever I ran to in my dreams. I’m out there somewhere in Dreamland making my way up to Greenland

7am – Wake up and realise I’m gonna have to do yesterday all over again. I’m usually overcome with panic and anxiety. It’s never a good time and I always feel like a fool and an idiot.

8am – Eat some haggis for breakfast and feel better.

9am – Promise myself that I only have to run once and if it’s shit I can stop and have a day off. I try to take all pressure off myself and aim to enjoy the day.

11am – First run is never as bad as I think it’s gonna be. My only focus is on moving forward. Everything else is irrelevant. If I began to consider shit like pace and cadence then I’d drive myself up the fucking wall. I’m running for 6 hours each day so it’s crucial I make myself as comfortable as possible. My biggest problem is a mental one. If I get depressed then I start overanalysing everything and the miles drag by.

2pm – Find a settlement with a pub or a shop and have lunch. Prepare myself for the next run which is always the worst. After the first one I will still have between 20 and 30 miles left to run and thinking too much about the distance can make me shit myself mentally. Thoughts like ‘well I’ve only less than a marathon to run today’ make my heart sink. The less thinking I do the better.

5pm – Book a hotel, hostel or B&B for the night in a location that’s suitably far away from me if I haven’t yet decided on a finishing place. I then have dinner.

6pm – Run to my accommodation. This is always a challenge and was even more so tonight as the B Road I ran on was hilly and had many twists and turns which made spotting motorists a nightmare.

8pm – Go to bed and pray that my legs don’t drop off overnight. I also prepare myself for the silly fucking running dreams which are enjoyable at the time but not so much in the mornings.


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