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Skiathos Princess Hotel – Feel Fresh & Full

  Last week I was invited to the Greek Island of Skiathos to experience Greece’s first Yoga Festival from the gorgeous Skiathos Princess Hotel it’s something I never thought would happen to me and i’m so excited to share my experience with you all. The people from Dragon Pass let us have full access to the lounge… Keep Reading


Relax and Letting go of fatigue

It happens so naturally and without even a second thought however for many of us breathing is something we forget to do when busy, stressed, talking, eating or exercising. Yoga has got it nailed when it comes to understanding the importance of breathing, just a simple exhale can get you inches closer to your toes… Keep Reading


Feel the heat, Feel the fun

If you love Fitness based Instagram accounts then i’m sure you will have heard of Russell’s infamous Skinny Bitch Collective, otherwise known as the SBC class, renowned for putting beautiful men and women such as Millie Mackintosh, Suki Waterhouse and even Jim Chapman through their paces. So when the fabulous brand Swimwear365 invited me to try… Keep Reading

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