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Relax and Letting go of fatigue

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It happens so naturally and without even a second thought however for many of us breathing is something we forget to do when busy, stressed, talking, eating or exercising. Yoga has got it nailed when it comes to understanding the importance of breathing, just a simple exhale can get you inches closer to your toes yet when it comes to weights or cardio it’s often the last thing on our minds, that’s what we need to change.
Next time you go to Squat inhale as you go down and exhale as you push up, it will take some practicing to begin with but you should find that you squat easier, lift stronger and feel capable of more repetitions, funnily enough that loud grunting sound coming from the men in the room is actually a loud release of air, only they have to make a little more noise about it. Now let’s talk Abs, next time you do an abdominal routine really concentrate on your breathing, emptying your stomach of air at the hardest point will push your muscles to contract tightly and force your body to work harder, it’s worth it, trust me.


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