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Las Vegas – Vlogging Our Trip, Fun and Partying

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I always longed to have a friendship group like the hit American TV Show Friends, so when it actually happened a trip to Las Vegas was inevitable. Last week myself and six friends jetted to Las Vegas via LAX Airport to celebrate birthdays and incredible friendships. I had no idea what to expect other than that there was going to be nothing healthy about this trip, all day drinking, fast food and very little sleep is the exact opposite of my normal day to day which is exactly why I was so excited.
We flew with good intentions of going shooting, hiring fast cars, shopping and flying over the Grand Canyon but the lack of clocks and sleep meant we ambled the strip quite happily stumbling across little treasures such as Drai’s Pool Party, the SlotZilla Zip Line in downtown Las Vegas and the incredible Le Reve – The Dream Show at the Wynn Theatre. After watching Le Reve I now totally understand why everyone recommends shows in Vegas, they are beyond incredible, terrifyingly talented and absolutely baffling, all six of us left with open mouths, completely mindblown.
My top tip would definitely be to plan your activities before you go and book with your concierge while you check-in to your room however don’t panic if you forget as you will always find something else to do and opt for pool parties over nightclubs, the clubs are fun but the pool parties are on another scale and not something us Brits can do over here.
We flew with American Airlines who kindly upgraded our seats as we were all seated so far from each other, it was an incredible start to our holiday and I thank them for such thoughtful service. Accommodation wise we stayed at The Luxor, it’s at the end of the strip, is shaped like a pyramid and has everything you could ever need, I’m sure the Egyptians would be proud, it offers a delicious all day buffet which is certainly worth stopping by on the days where you fancy something a little less processed but if you’re up for a walk I cannot recommend the Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet, I felt like Julia Roberts and totally managed three moutons plates!
Five days certainly merged into one a flew by so fast but it was something i’ll never forget, great friends, hilarious memories and as they say, what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas (apart from the bruises, they come home with you.)


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