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When did you last feel great? Do you remember?

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How often do you have an ‘I feel great’ moment? It would seem that i’m one of the lucky ones as reports state that only one out of eight people believe to have that YES moment once a month, now that’s a really crappy statistic. Luckily for us Bu-pa have decided to make a change and have enlisted the help of the beautiful Tess Daley as an ambassador to get the word out, I like to think that my Blog and YouTube Channel are all about trying to get you feeling your most incredible so I totally jumped the bandwagon in hopes of getting more of you feeling your best.

Now, what makes you feel great? For me it’s being by the ocean hearing the sounds of happy people with a giant 99 ice-cream smeared around my mouth, for Tess it’s fresh bed sheets and for my boyfriend i’m pretty sure it’s meat, there’s something for all of us and with that in mind Bupa kindly sent me seven presents to represent the nations top voted feel great items, which is your pick?


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