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Animal Crackers in My Soup Pillow

Does anyone else remember the song Animal Crackers in My Soup?It’s very old, but still very sweet. It got stuck in my head somehow a few months ago and inspired me to make this pillow. It’s sewn from blue gingham and red polka-dot fabrics and appliqued with lion, tiger, and elephant animal crackers swimming in… Keep Reading

Peeps Basket 2

Felt Easter Peeps Basket

I’m not sure what I liked better about the Easter basket I got every year as a child–the chocolate bunny inside or the fluffy pom-pom peep that was tied to the handle. I never outgrew those little yellow peeps. I have a flock of peeps that come out every year with my Easter decorations. Last… Keep Reading


Pink Retro Telephone Pillow

©2017 Kathleen Berlew The 1970s was a colorful decade of avocado appliances and pastel telephones. My family had white and beige wall and desk models in our house, but my grandmother had a pretty pink telephone on her nightstand that I absolutely loved. This little pillow is a tribute to that phone and to all things… Keep Reading

beanbags (1)

Red, White and Blue Beanbags

With Memorial Day just one week away, picnic season is upon us. Eating outdoors is my favorite summer activity. I’ve already pulled out my favorite warm-weather recipes, and I’m ready to dig into a new season of burgers and potato salad. To celebrate the holidays that mark summer’s beginning, middle, and end–Memorial Day, Independence Day,… Keep Reading


Cross-Stitch Lavender Sachet

I just love making little pillows and filling them with lavender, pine, or potpourri. I’m not even going to guess how many sachet projects I’ve shared on my blog.  I designed this one to resemble a vintage French perfume package. It’s filled with dried lavender buds, so it smells absolutely divine, and it’s worked in… Keep Reading

groovy goldfish

Groovy Goldfish Beanbag Bookend

This cute little goldfish is my kind of pet. She requires no care, and she adds a splash of color to the shelf while she holds books in place. The word groovy may be betraying my age, but I think this design has a definite retro vibe. The neon color palette and gradient bubble pattern… Keep Reading

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