Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Hi everyone!
Whether you’re buying for your girlfriend, partner or even best friend, hopefully I can give you some cute ideas to help you choose the perfect gift!


01. Summer Meadow Handwash — Laura Ashley
02. Make-up Pouch — Maptote
03. Pack of 3 scented candles — Ikea
04. Folklore Print Enamel Mug — Topshop
05. Jon Bugerman Sketch Book — Topshop
07. Eiffel Tower Night Light — Kirklands
08. Rotera Candle Lantern —Ikea
09. Field Rose Cushion Cover — Cath Kidston
10. Provence Rose Hand Cream —Cath Kidston
12. Mable Overdoor Multi Hook — Laura Ashley
13. Sarah Jessica Parker Endless Perfume — Priceline
14. White Studded Chain Wrap Watch — New Look
Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Have you ever sent or received a card? What would be your perfect gift? Let me know in a comment! xxx


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