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Paradise on earth – Mauritius ! My insights !

Bye Bye winter- pack your bags and off to summer paradise !!! I found paradise @ Belle Mare, Long Beach Golf Resort & Spa – Mauritius. Hey guys, as in Europe the winter is officially there and if you have the luxury of having some days left of your annual leave, you should have an… Keep Reading


Fishnet Tights

        Fishnet tights sound scary to people at first. They sound grunge and goth to most people initially. But, now this idea is becoming increasingly mainstream and more “tumblr.” Fishnet tights are mainly worn under distressed boyfriend jeans, it is styled this way so you can see the fishnet under the holes.… Keep Reading



Bodysuits are coming back from the 70s and are taking this season by storm. The Kardashians wear them with almost every outfit and women all over are following right along. Especially for the winter, bodysuits are so perfect because they tuck into your pants and stay in place so it keeps you warm. There are… Keep Reading


How to dry your hair fast

WHEN IT COMES TO HAIR IN A HURRY, DON’T FIGHT NATURE, WORK WITH IT Here are some high-speed hair taming-tricks that will save you time…  * For a quick blow-dry, first squeeze hair dry with a towel, then flip your head upside down. Hold your hairdryer, which has at least 1600 watts of power, about… Keep Reading

Casa Flora holiday flat in Venice

Casa Flora holiday flat in Venice

Casa Flora is a short-term rental that emulates the feel of a boutique hotel and inserts contemporary design into a traditional Venetian house. The apartment was designed by Diego Paccagnella, but more than 20 Italian companies produced custom furniture for the Casa Flora. “Casa Flora is the result of these two worlds coming together, hospitality and… Keep Reading

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