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Cherry blossom Wedding Decor

Here comes the great time for your Cherry blossom wedding, especially in Washington D.C! Cherry blossom is always a hot wedding theme for spring weddings, and the white and pink colour give you the romantic atmosphere. The traditional cherry blossom represents pure love in Japan. So mark down the date of the annual cherry blossom festival in DC, which… Keep Reading


Swan Wedding Decor

A Swan theme wedding? Swan, the most beautiful bird in the world, is the perfect feature for the most beautiful you in your once-a-life-time wedding day!  So let me show you how to create a swan wedding. Your want your swan wedding to look pure, romantic, and gentle, so use to white and light blue, light green color.… Keep Reading


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hi everyone! Whether you’re buying for your girlfriend, partner or even best friend, hopefully I can give you some cute ideas to help you choose the perfect gift!   01. Summer Meadow Handwash — Laura Ashley 02. Make-up Pouch — Maptote 03. Pack of 3 scented candles — Ikea 04. Folklore Print Enamel Mug — Topshop 05.… Keep Reading


In praise of Georgian food

The Washington Post muses on March 3rd, 2015, whether the Georgian food might be the next big thing. It certainly deserves much more attention, if you ask me. There was this incident almost ten years ago, when Kuidaore‘s Joycelyn began her cookbook meme (memes were a big thing in the early days of food blogging)… Keep Reading


Traditional Christmas roast

What’s your traditional Christmas roast (assuming you’re eating meat)? Turkey? Goose? Duck? In Estonia it’s definitely pork, though roast poultry has become more popular during recent years. I’ve been flirting with roast goose and actually served duck leg confit on Christmas Eve this year. It was delicious. However, for years I’ve been serving pork roast – a pork shoulder… Keep Reading

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