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Green Wedding Decor

Another great idea for spring wedding! Do you feel more alive when you see the tree and grass turing green in spring? So you can bring that spirit to your wedding and creat a sping atmosphere in your big day. Here is how you can apply a green wedding theme into decorations. There’s something so… Keep Reading

lazy 2

What Has Fashion Become?

What in the world happened to fashion? Online shopping and sweatpants, that’s what happened! Have you noticed that every decade people tend to get lazier and lazier? People stopped going to the mall to buy clothes because they rather sit in their beds and be lazy. Don’t deny the fact that online shopping is a… Keep Reading

black 4

Black is the New Black

This summer I traveled in Europe, in some of the biggest fashion cities. I realized that most of the time when outfits really popped out to me, was when the girls were wearing black. I love the color black because it can be casual and cool yet fancy. Black can literally be worn whenever, and… Keep Reading


Grammy’s After Party Fashion

    The outfits that were worn at the Grammy after parties made up for the lack of beautiful clothes at the Grammy’s themselves. The rich and famous took these events to express themselves through expensive brand name clothing. Halsey (left) expressed her unique and attention grabbing personality with a mixed pattern outfit. The outfit had… Keep Reading


Sophie Durufié’s apartment in Paris

Sophie, a managing director at Isabel Marant, has settled on the top floor of a spacious apartment in the 1st arrondissement, in the heart of   Paris. This bright apartment offers a spectacular view of the Conciergerie , the Seine and the Pont Neuf . The light is everywhere , thanks to large windows. Sophie… Keep Reading

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