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Casa Flora holiday flat in Venice

Casa Flora holiday flat in Venice

Casa Flora is a short-term rental that emulates the feel of a boutique hotel and inserts contemporary design into a traditional Venetian house. The apartment was designed by Diego Paccagnella, but more than 20 Italian companies produced custom furniture for the Casa Flora. “Casa Flora is the result of these two worlds coming together, hospitality and… Keep Reading

groovy goldfish

Groovy Goldfish Beanbag Bookend

This cute little goldfish is my kind of pet. She requires no care, and she adds a splash of color to the shelf while she holds books in place. The word groovy may be betraying my age, but I think this design has a definite retro vibe. The neon color palette and gradient bubble pattern… Keep Reading


How to dry your hair fast

WHEN IT COMES TO HAIR IN A HURRY, DON’T FIGHT NATURE, WORK WITH IT Here are some high-speed hair taming-tricks that will save you time…  * For a quick blow-dry, first squeeze hair dry with a towel, then flip your head upside down. Hold your hairdryer, which has at least 1600 watts of power, about… Keep Reading

Spring Flowers 1

Spring Flowers Cross-Stitch

It’s snowing here in Pennsylvania as I write this blog post, so any bulbs that had started to sprout in my garden are now covered in a few inches of fluffy flakes. While I wait out this temporary setback to the arrival of spring, I thought I’d share a cross-stitch project that might help chase… Keep Reading


Loose Lovely Wavy Hair

LOOSE, UNDONE WAVES AEREN’T GOING ANYWHERE THIS AUTUMN /WINTER which is perfection, especially if you’re time-challenged in the morning!  For those of us whose hair falls on the frizzier, curlier, or the flatter end of the spectrum, you can fake natural waves, here’s the how-to-do’s: First apply a mousse throughout your wet hair, then divide… Keep Reading

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