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Emilie Bonaventure's apartment in Paris

Emilie Bonaventure’s apartment in Paris

This gorgeous Parisian apartment is the home of Emilie Bonaventure, a well-known interior decorator. The structure is typical of the Haussmannian apartments. : high ceilings mouldings, wooden foundations, marble fireplaces and herringbone parquet floors. The pure white of the walls blends beautifully with the ivory, cream and caramel tones of the furniture. In the dining… Keep Reading


Easiest Steak Recipe

This is a recipe from Rebel Chef Noel Fernando. When people think of the Paleo Diet, it seems like the first thing that comes to mind is a big, juicy steak. (Okay, so maybe bacon is first. Then steak.) Many of us do love steak, but are afraid of trying to cook it at home.… Keep Reading


Appliqued Butterfly Picture

We try with varying success each year to attract butterflies to our garden. We suffered a setback a few years ago when our beautiful butterfly bush failed to survive an especially harsh winter. I designed this project so we can always have butterflies at our house, even if real ones don’t find their way to… Keep Reading

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