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Hey everyone! How are you all going? Ever since I began blogging I’ve been asked about how to make a great wardrobe and I’ve never really gone into detail, but better late than never! In this post I’ll talk about ways to improve and maintain a fabulous wardrobe! Click the read more for details.

Sort through your closet
It is unnecessary to keep clothes which you never wear or don’t want! Every now and then (when the season changes is probably best) sort through your wardrobe, get rid of things you don’t use and take note of things that you could do to buy. Give your old clothes to a charity store, family friends with younger children or even sell them on eBay. It is a great way to figure out what you need to buy and head towards a better wardrobe!
Style icons
It’s always a good idea to have someone to look up to. If there is anyone who has a style that you like, take ideas from them! If you can picture them wearing a certain piece of clothing and you like it, look into buying it. If there is something which they might not wear but you like go for it! You don’t have to copy them exactly, just use them as an inspiration!
Create outfits
When shopping try and think of what you can wear together and how you could style it. It would be upsetting if you buy something and then don’t feel you can wear it because nothing matches. Having an idea of what works together will help when you’re looking for something specific!
Keep up with trends
It doesn’t matter how you dress, keeping up with some of the popular trends is great! By checking out blogs, magazines and your favourite stores is an easy to way see what’s in fashion and what will be popular within the next few months!
Add in accessories
Accessories can really help finish up an outfit! Handbags, scarves and beanies are also a great way of sprucing up and finalising an outfit! Finding and picking out the accessories can be one of the easiest parts of shopping.
Find the right shoes
The easiest way to mix up an outfit is changing your shoes! There are so many styles to choose from which can transform any look! And who doesn’t love a different pair of shoes each day!?
Take care of your clothes
Even if this includes asking your mother to help, it’s not worth ruining your clothes for because you washed them wrong! Always read the label and follow the instructions.
Shop the sales
There is always a sense of achievement when you get something you’ve wanted on sale! Keep up to date for reduced prices by looking on their websites every week or so. If you are on a budget, even have a look on eBay for a second-hand version!
Change it up
Don’t be afraid to try something different. Having your own style and twist on outfits is a great way to personalise your wardrobe and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable expressing yourself. If you like the way something looks, wear it!
Have you ever wanted to change up your wardrobe and/or style? Do you keep old clothes, just in case? Is outfit creating hard for you? Let me know in a comment! xxx
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