Summer Styles

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Depending on where you live, summer is a difficult season to dress cute because it’s hot and humid and you don’t feel like having your clothes cling onto you. When I’m picking out what to wear I normally revert to my high waisted shorts and a crop top. High waisted shorts are extremely figure flattering to any body type. High waisted shorts make you look like you have long legs, a toned stomach, and a cute butt. There are so many different styles to choose from. There are basic jeans, to flower print, to galaxy themed. There are more classy ones that you can dress up with a nicer, more simple top and a bold necklace.

It is very much in style at the moment to wear high waisted shorts with a graphic tee crop top. It makes you look cool and fashion forward. You can give off many different vibes depending on how you dress it up. I really enjoy the look of high waisted shorts and a crop top because crop tops are perfect for the summer. They have a lot of air circulation and in general keeps you much cooler than a regular tee or tank.  Have a cool and sweatless summer 😉


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