Things have fallen apart.. a little hope left.

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Things have fallen apart.. a little hope left.

Hello I am a mom with 6 kids in the house and 2 adults, I am required to stay home with our special needs 10 year old who has some very serious mental health issues and severe anxiety and panic attacks and rage disorders!! We also took in one of our children’s 1 year old sister it was supposed to be temporary but it did not work out that way ! We do not receive any type of Foster care assistance for her because she is considered family!! Unfortunately in the 8 months we have cared for her, our van completely died and was unrepairable, and we currently borrow my mother in-laws 5 passenger car and are living in a 2 bedroom apartment !!

We do the best we can trying to keep up, but have had a few medical emergencies that have brought our income down over the last 2 months , and currently need repairs on the vehicle we are using in the amount of $179 that we can not afford to pay for!!

As well as just keeping up with the next month’s house hold supplies like hygiene products cleaning supplies and laundry with 8 people in the house these products go quickly and are not items I can find at charitable food banks or other places like those!!

Sincerely Christin Mcgill



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